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various architects (see below) 1936-1990

West Wing
Malcolm Holzman of Hardy, Holzman, Pfeiffer

This latest addition to the museum is often described as Post-Modern, in part because it alludes to the original building as post-modern works often do. (See, for example, Philip Johnson's addition to the Boston Public Library.). Like the original museum, it rests on a limestone base, here dramatically rusticated, and the walls line up with the Peebles and Ferguson elevation. Still the stone wall is much bolder than the red-brick of the original. As Richard Guy Wilson explains, "this stone wall also bears two totally alien features: glass-enclosed stair wells, radically modern and abstract in both shape and materials, that are disconcertingly abutted against the limestone; and their steel-webbed joists, painted a pale blue-green, fully visible against the terra-cotta bricks" (422).

Decorative art nouveau door

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Work Cited: Charles E. Brownell et al. The Making of Virginia Architecture. Charlottesville: University Press of Virginia, 1992.

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