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Photographs of works in the museum are arranged based on the museum's organization:

Preclassic Works--page 1
Teotihuacán Culture--page 2 and 3
Toltec Culture--page 4
Mexica Culture--page 5 and 6
Oaxaca/Zapotec examples--page 7
Maya Culture--page 8 and 9

Examples from Preclassic Period

The acrobat (or contortionist) from Burial 154 at Tlatilco

Early preclassic. Olmec influence. White hollow-ware; height: 22 cm.

One source says that representations like this may symbolize the "doubling over" of ripe maize ears at the end of the growing season. Since this figure was found in a burial, archaeologists think the buried person might have been a shaman.

Relief from Chalcatzingo in Morelos


Relief from Chalcatzingo in Morelos

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