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before 79 C.E.

As the political, economic, and religious center of Pompeii, the Forum included temples, municipal buildings, law courts, and markets--a fish and wool market, for example. An arcade ran around three sides of the rectangular Forum.

The Arch of Caligula just outside the Forum


Remaining columns of the Arcade which bordered three sides of the Forum

The photograph on the right was taken about 20 years earlier than the one in the center.

Temple of Jupiter

On the north, this temple is a focal point with arches flanking it. Vesusvius, now with two cones, is in the background.

Left and center: views of the high podium and remaining columns of the Temple of Jupiter; right: entry into the Forum with the side and rear of the Temple of Jupiter


The Basilica

This important public building was the center of economic life and the seat of the law courts.

Fish and wool markets were situated in the Forum

The fresco on the right was in the fish market.

Decorative designs in the wool market

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