Reliefs from the Campanile--page 1 (of three pages)

Andrea Pisano and Workshop
begun about 1336

These are the panels which originally decorated the lowest register of the Campanile. They were removed from the exterior to the safety of the museum, and have been replaced by copies. The attributions are tricky, largely because artists worked corroboratively in medieval workshops.

West Side: Left: Creation of Adam; center: Creation of Eve; right: Labors of our first parents

Attributed to Andrea Pisano

West Side: Left: Jabal, the inventor of animal husbandry; center; Jubal, the inventor of music

Jabal, attributed to Andrea Pisano; Jubal to Nino Pisano

West Side: Center: Tubalcain, the first blacksmith at his anvil; right: Noah the first farmer who planted a vineyard

Tubalcain attributed to Andrea Pisano; Noah to an assistant of Andrea

South Side: left: Astronomy with Gionitus, its inventor; center; Medicine, with a physician examining a urine sample; right: Hunting (or horseback-riding)

Missing is the relief between Medicine and Astronomy--it should be the Art of Building. Astronomy is attributed to Andrea Pisano's assistants; Medicine is attributed to Nino Pisano, and Hunting to Andrea Pisano.

South Side: Left: Wool-working or Weaving; center: Legislation, personified by Phoroneus, the mythical king of Argos; right: Daedalus, inventor of flight and "the personification of téchne, which for the Greeks was a combination of art and technology" (Montrésor 83)

Weaving and Téchne are attributed to Andrea and Legislation to Nino Pisano.

Work Cited:
All of the information and the captioning of these pages on works in the Duomo Museum are indebted to Carlo Montrésor, author of The Opera del Duomo Museum in Florence, Florence: Mandragora, 2000.

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