Chartres Cathedral, West Front, North Portal--page 3

begun 1145; burned in 1194 except for the west front; rebuilt 1205-1220

The Doorway of the Ascension of Christ

Christ ascends to Heaven, accompanied by two angels; the lintels depict four angels soaring down from the clouds and ten men, identified as the Apostles.


Voussoirs with the Labors of the Months (harvesting and pruning vines) and Signs of the Zodiac (Cancer and Aries)

The cycle includes both a sign of the zodiac and a "labor," like harvesting, associated with that time. To depict such subjects indicates that the physical life was not unimportant.

From the west facade, see also central portal, the south portal, the frieze of capitals, and the jambs.

From the South Transept, see also South Transept and Central Portal and jamb statues and side tympanum.

From the North Transept, see also central portal tympanum and jambs and the tympana of the side portals.

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