Wells Cathedral

begun 1180

A church was founded in the early 8th century near the source of the water supply, a great spring called Wells. Wells is the first major English cathedral built entirely in the Gothic style.

Distant view from the east and view of the west facade

Because I did not take these two photographs, they cannot be enlarged and should not be copied.

Center: Looking back toward the west front; right: the nave exterior

The facade, a decorative screen, extends beyond the actual width of the church. This is clearly seen in the corner towers.

Left: View of the transept; right: detail of apse

Exterior and interior of cloister

A long flight of worn stairs from the north transept leads to the Chapter House where the members of the cathedral's governing council meet. The building is octagonal and distinguished by an elaborate fan-vaulted ceiling.

The Wall, Moat and Gate House of the Bishop's Palace

Over a period of more than a hundred years the palace was enlarged, adding the Chapel, and later the wall, gatehouse, drawbridge, and moat.

The Bishop's Palace

Within the Palace gardens lie the wells which give the city its name.

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