Adam Thoroughgood House

c. 1636-40 (Some sources say 1680.)

The river front--east side

Located near the bank of the Lynnhaven River, the Adam Thoroughgood House is one of the oldest brick homes in America. (Brick was the favored material in Virginia.) This small story-and-a-half brick house was designed in the medieval English cottage style of the period. With its steep pitched roof and massive chimneys, it has an English Jacobean look. It has four rooms, two on each floor.
The garden on the river side is a replica, with box hedges, herbs, and flowering bulbs.

Left: the river front with brick set in English bond; right: the west front with brick set in Flemish bond

The river front and two sides are in English bond--a header row alternating with a stretcher row--while the west front is in Flemish bond--headers and stretchers alternating in each course, usually with a header flanked on both sides and above and below with a stretcher.

The west front


Chimneys at both ends

The chimney on the north end is set within the wall (to warm the house against the north winds) whereas the chimney to the south is built on the exterior. It has four decorative belt courses, one of which emphasizes the eave level (or second floor) of the house.

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