Republic Bank Center (now Bank of America Center)

Philip Johnson (Johnson/Burgee)

Distant views

This red granite skyscraper alludes to Dutch Gothic public buildings or town halls of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries; this modern translation is seen especially in the banking hall building in the lower half. But the stepped facade of the high office tower is serrated as well with the same lead-coated copper finals or spires as in the lower half.
Located across the street from the Pennzoil Towers, it contrasts dramatically in style with Johnson's slightly earlier building, which is minimalist and sculptural. (The tiny ten foot seam between the two towers is visible in several images here.)

The shaft of the office tower


The two buildings side by side joined by a 225 foot long glass-roofed arcade--views from the northwest with the Pennzoil Towers in the background


Views of the shorter building

The pre-existing switching station determined in part the plan of this complex. This smaller pre-existing building is totally enclosed by the shorter building, half of which is the banking hall, the other the enclosed building.

Monumental entrance into the banking hall--a 60 foot archway


Views of the lower portion of the office tower

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