Thanks-Giving Square

Philip Johnson (Johnson/Burgee)

Dallas businessman Peter Stewart spearheaded the development of this public place of ecumenical worship and thanksgiving. The plaza is located on a sloping 3-acre triangular site in the heart of downtown Dallas, with the chapel at the highest point on the site. The shape of the chapel is often described as symbolic, even mystical, with the concept of gratitude being expressed in an ascending circle.

Center and right: The chapel in front of the embossed aluminum panels of Harrison and Abramovitz' Republic National Bank (1955)


The plaza and ramp

A long ramp provides a bridge over the plaza to the chapel. Although the chapel is white concrete, color is added by the Texas pink granite as exposed aggregate. In this winter scene, some of the pools are empty of water.

Looking up at the stained glass panels which spiral upwards and a view of the small chapel

The images below of the interior were generously contributed to this site by Les Center. He owns the copyright. If you are interested in the photographs, please contact him directly: Les Center


The carillon

The carillon is located at the sharp acute angle at the bottom of the triangular site.

Work Consulted:
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