Principe Felipe Science Museum, City of Arts and Sciences

Santiago Calatrava

This three-floor interactive science museum, surrounded by water, has more than 40,000 square metres and hosts both permanent and temporary exhibits. Exterior arches up to 40 metres give the museum its skeletal appearance. Since white is Calatrava's signature color, he has whitened the reinforced concrete and steel. According to the official site, the building is 220 metres long, 80 metres wide, and 55 metres high, it has 20,000 square metres of glass with over 4,000 panes, and it has 26,000 square metres of exhibition space.

Views from the west


Views from the east and northeast from the suspension bridge

"An inclined facade of glass runs along the north side. . . . Joined to it on the opposite side is a sloped aluminum roof bordered at both ends by projecting fins" (Stich 74).

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