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Santiago Calatrava

Distant view with the park in the former riverbed

This performing arts building contains four auditoriums and features opera, concerts, theater, and dance events. Stich describes it thus: "Shaped like a multidecked ocean liner set inside a volumetric, quadruple boomerang frame, which is in turn capped by a fish-spine arch, this edifice is yet another of Calatrava's unbelievably spectacular designs" (74)

View from the west

This huge building is perched high above the former riverbed. Below are beautiful walkways and tranquil shallow waters. According to the official website, "the roof or “feather” is the most spectacular structural element and is 230 m long and over 70 m high. Its two “shells” which enclose the building have been constructed of laminated steel and weigh some 3,000 tonnes; they are covered with a ceramic layer (trencadis). The maximum all-enveloping dimensions of the building taking into account its curved shape are 163 m in length and 87 m in width."

The main entrance


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