various architects
15th century, finished by 1529

Facade of the main building of the University

The University was founded in the early 13th century in Salamanca with eventually four major and 18 minor colleges. The facade, "a Plateresque masterpiece built from Villamayor stone" consists of three sections: "in the centre of the first is a medallion of the Catholic Monarchs; the second contains the coats of arms of the house of Austria, surrounded by busts, medals and an entablature featuring children in amusing postures; and in the centre of the third, a scene of a pope discoursing with cardinals, flanked by the figures of Venus and Hercules" (All Salamanca 54).

Front facade with famous frog said to bring luck to those who locate it

Hint: see photo to the far right, the skull with the image in light on top of it (top left).

Entrance to the former Hospital del Estudio (now seat of the University Rectorate)




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