Temple of Hera II (once thought to be the Temple of Poseidon)

c. 460 B.C.E.

This Doric temple at Paestum Italy (a Greek colony south of Naples known as Poseidonia) is one of three temples there, and the second chronologically. (See also the Temple of Hera I.) Preserved here is part of the interior colonnade with two rows of columns, including the superimposed upper level which supported the roof. It illustrates the standard Doric form--6 columns on the end and 14 columns on the side.


A view of the architrave and columns with "necking"


A view of the central aisle of the naos (left) and the peristyle--the foundation for the walls of the naos remain on the floor


The superimposed columns of the central colonnade--which supported the roof

See also the Temple of Hera I at Paestum.

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