Images of Science and Engineering Library, Ohio State University, by Philip Johnson/John Burgee

Science and Engineering Library, Ohio State University

Philip Johnson/John Burgee

Front facade

This library, combining the resources from separate sciences and engineering and math libraries, and the Mathematics Tower nearby are in the central part of the old campus and, being brick, respect that earlier context.

A symmetrical building with imaginative masonry

Bricks are layered here to define arches and the pediment. A different brick/tile is used to accentuate the central archway.

Grassy plaza

Although these tall old trees obscure the architecture, Johnson left them to create a shady place in front of the library.

The loggia

This front hearkens back to Johnson/Burgee's much earlier building with a loggia (albeit more monumental) across the front: the AT&T building (now Sony Plaza) in New York City.

The arches from the inside and the protected entrance


The rear of the library

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