Sculpture at the Columbus Museum of Art--Index

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Antonakos, Stephen. Neon for the Columbus Museum of Art, 1986
Bourdelle, Émile-Antoine. Grande Sapho, 1925
Bunn, Ken. White Tail Doe Looking Back, 1991
Calder, Alexander. Intermediate Model for the Arch, painted steel, 1975
Chadwick, Lynn. Conjunction II, 1970

Page Two

Deming, David. Terrestrial Gest, stainless and brass, 1987
Ferrara, Jackie. Breaktower, cedar, 1984
Flanagan, Barry. Hare on Ball and Claw, 1989-90
Gross, Chaim. Happy Mother, bronze, 1958

Page Three

Hepworth, Barbara. The Family of Man: Figure 2 Ancestor II, bronze, 1970
King, William. Twins, sheet aluminum, 1973
Maillol, Aristide. La Montagne, lead, 1937; 1979 cast
Manzu, Giacomo. Cardinale, bronze, 1954

Page Four

Marcks, Gerhard. Freya, 1949
Meadmore, Clement. Out of There, painted aluminum, 1974
Moore, Henry. Three-Piece Reclining Figure Draped, bronze, 1975
Murray, Robert. Wasahaban, painted aluminum, 1978

Page Five

Naylor, John Geoffrey. Streams, stainless steel, 1982
Rickey, George. Two Lines Up Eccentric Variation VI, stainless steel, 1977
Schnabel, Julian. Golem, painted bronze, 1989
Snelson, Kenneth. V-X, stainless and wire, 1984-5
Trova, Ernest. Profile Canto A/S, welded and painted steel plate, 1976

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