Xpujil, Campeche

500-750 CE, with some building work after 1000

Distant view with three Rio Bec towers

This small site, the name of which in Mayan means Place of the Cattails, was probably a subordinate community of the larger site at Becán. It is notable for the three-tower structure in the main plaza, in the Rio Bec style.

Steep towers

The towers (the middle one is taller) rise at a 70 degree angle prompting archaeologists to speculate that the towers were largely for effect, while the lower levels were actually used for ceremonies.

Stone mosaic masks

Between the piers stone mosaic masks can still be discerned. Traces of red stucco still remain on the towers as well.

Views from the side; chac mask to the right


Palace building

Several large buildings, erected on platforms, give an idea of Rio Bec aristocratic dwellings. Many unexcavated sites surround the main plaza and site.

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