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The Throne of Ahkal mo' Nahb' III

Maya Classic period ( 250-900 CE)
carved limestone tablet found within Temple XXI, Southern Acropolis, Palenque

Detail of left side

On the far left and far right of the whole throne a representation of the supernatural being Xak'al Miht Tu-mu'uy Ti-ch'o offers the governor K'inich Ahkal Mo' Nahb' III a bundle made of tied feathers and cloth or barkpaper tied with three knots symbolizing the bloodletting sacrifice. (See detail in center below.) This god wears a jaguar cape and ornamented headdress, crowned with the maize plant. Although his face is rodent-like, he has feline paws.1

The figure on the right is the current governor, who wears a simple headdress decorated with water lilies. He is the grandson of Pakal, a former important governor of Palenque. See image with explanatory labels.

The center with Pakal II, the former governor of Palenque

This incarnation of the famous earlier leader holds a stingray spine, decorated with the "Perforator god". He offers this instrument to his grandson on the left (who faces the divinity).
See image with explanatory labels.
See labeled detail.

Detail of right side

The two figures on the far right are the supernatural being again and U Pakal K'inich, the heir to the throne of his father Ahkal III. The tied feather bundle, repeated here, may indicate that the father and son have deposited their bloodletting in the bundle, which will then be burned as an offering to the gods.

Tablet of the Slaves, about 8th century CE


Polychrome stucco panel from Temple XIX with the face of the ruler U Pakal K'inich, who governed from 736 to 742 CE

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1A small pamphlet The Throne of Ahkal mo' Nahb' III: A Unique Finding at Palenque, Chiapas (INAH, nd) provided the information about this throne.

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