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System M, 500-800 CE

On the southwest corner of the plaza this complex known as System M consists of a temple-patio-temple. The front temple is actually Building O while the temple to the west is Building M. This complex is a kind of twin of System IV.

Details of the front temple--Building O

This kind of molding is found on a number of buildings at Monte Albán; see, for example, Building II commentary.

Plan; looking back to Building M

Building M actually forms the south wall of the patio of the Danzantes Building.

The Danzantes Building (or Building L) from the north

The Danzantes Building is thought to be one of the earliest structures at this site built during the first occupation of this remote mountain (Monte Albán I, 500-200 BCE). It is named for the figures carved in stone, misnamed Danzantes. See the following pages for images of these relief sculptures.

Left and center: The Danzantes Building from the southeast; right: side of Building M with reliefs of the Danzantes

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