Hearst Castle, Neptune Pool (third pool)

Julia Morgan

NOTE: I have been given permission by the officials at the Hearst CastleTM to include these images on my site. Permission is required for use of these images for any purpose. E-mail: hrsthist@callamer.com .

View of the pool from the top of the monumental stairway; the Temple facade opposite the stairway

This outdoor swimming pool on this lower slope of the hill was originally planned as much smaller. It was enlarged twice; "Hearst eventually had it extended to more than 100 feet in length, with a 345,000-gallon capacity" (Boutelle 202). Morgan persuaded Hearst to have the temple facade he had purchased for his collection placed on the long side of the oval as a focal point, opposite the monumental stairway. (The Neptune and two Nereids on the pediment were not part of the original temple.) Colonnades close in the short sides of the oval.


Views of the semi-circular colonnades; right: looking toward the monumental stairway


The monumental stairway; the temple facade; sculpture commissioned from the French sculptor Charles Cassou depicting mythological figures

Center and right photographs were taken by my husband, William J. Sullivan.

Work Cited: Boutelle, Sara Holmes. Julia Morgan Architect. Revised and updated edition. New York: Abbeville Press, 1995.

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