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15th century

In the 11th century a chapel was built on this site, financed by the people of Rome, thus the name of this church dedicated to the Virgin. The church was enlarged in the 13th century and rebuilt in the late 15th century on the orders of Pope Sixtus IV. Later in the 17th century Bernini made changes to the facade.

The nave

The church is notable for its frescoes by by Pinturicchio and two paintings by Caravaggio--both in side chapels. In 1531 Raphael created the Chigi Chapel (see page 2) which contains sculptural works by Bernini.

The central altar and a crucifix


Dome over the crossing


Side aisle and side chapel


Cerasi Chapel with an altarpiece by Annibale Carracci--The Assumption of the Virgin, 1600-01, and two paintings by Carravaggio: Crucifixion of St. Peter, 1600-1601 and The Conversion on the Way to Damascus, 1600

See this site for excellent reproductions of these paintings by Carravaggio and this site for a reproduction of the Carracci.

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