Index to Images of Ostia Antica

For those interested in the ancient harbor city of Ostia, the best internet site in my opinion is It has extensive text, 3D reconstructions, maps, bibliographies and a host of other rich resources accumulated by a group of scholars and experts. In my site, indexed below, you will find more than two hundred pictures, with some brief text. I am not an expert.

The index is alphabetized. If you wish to see the sights in an order that mimics a vist to Ostia Antica, follow the numbers to the left.


The Baths of the Cisiarii

(17 images)


The Baths of Neptune

(23 images)


The Decumanus and the Via dei Vigili

(9 images)


The Entrance and Piazzale della Vittoria

(9 images)


Necropolis and adjacent areas outside the city walls

(31 images)


Piazzale delle Corporations (Forum of the Corporations)

(14 images)


The Theater

(26 images)

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