Central Garden, Getty Center

Robert Irwin

This controversial garden, designed by installation artist Robert Irwin, is located between the Museum and the Research Institute at the Getty Center. Water runs down the vase shape in the wall to the central pool at the bottom of the garden.

The amphora grotto and lower level basin


A small cascading stream runs toward the central pool; it is crossed by a zigzag path (for access for the disabled).

Azaleas are at the center of the spiraling garden. The stream terminates in a waterfall which empties into the central pool. Bougainvillea are supported on metal tree-like frames.

Left: the waterfall and bougainvillea arbors; the Getty Museum cafe (on the left) and the West Pavilion (on the right). Center: detail of the waterfall and azalia maze. Right: the waterfall shoot into the the pool


Left and center: the central pool with the Research Institute in the background. Right: the Museum Cafe and the West Pavilion in the background

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