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Michael Graves

The Engineering Research Center (ERC) provides a grand entrance from the east to the historic old UC campus, now called the West Campus. The redesign of the campus, begun in the 1980s, eliminated parking lots and emphasized the pedestrian experience--the main sidewalk leads directly to this building's east entrance. The stone and brick building is the east addition to the Schneider Engineering Quadrangle and is attached to those buildings by a handsome upper level bridge. (See page 2 of this site.) Sculptural smokestacks top each section of ERC and the barrel roof is clad in copper. "Portholes" and elegant masonry designs add variety to the facade.

The east facade with details of the center and side top registers


The east facade and detail of the entrance loggia and steps up to the West Campus


The east entrance loggia and detail of the lowest register with arched windows, echoing the arched second floor entrance


The second floor east entrance with the arched doorway alluding to the barrel-vaulted interior lobby and passageway

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