Benedictine Abbey of Saint-Gilles: Front facade--the unidentified apostles of the right side of the central portal; and the archangels (page 3 of three pages)

These four apostles are a symmetrical match to those on the left hand side. However, they have not been identified. Stoddard refers to them numerically as 3, 4, 5, and 6. (1 and 2 are the two statues on the right portal splay.)

Statues 3 and 4

The drapery style and drapery at the lower hem level are different in these four from the four on the opposite side. However, Number 4 does have crossed legs, like Thomas. The head of 3 is the most complete of any of the Apostles.

Statues 5 and 6

Of these two Stoddard says, the drapery is much heavier and "all the folds are more plastically conceived, like Roman sculpture" (27). In 6 the drapery is especially notable--the strange curled form on his chest and in general the heavily undercut folds. It is characteristics like this which some scholars use to identify possible sculptors.

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