Benedictine Abbey of Saint-Gilles: Front facade--Decoration and ornament

Channeled section of masonry

This lowest level of masonry continues across the facades as a sort of base for the apostle figures. Above it are a floral molding and molding with meander pattern.

Acanthus relief panels under the portal lintels--from the left to the right portals


Left: vertical panels of acanthus on center portal splay; center: acanthus architrave above the apostles


Capitals--some of these are Roman


Atlantes capital


Left: cornice of left portal, right side: palmettes with alternating bears' heads; center and right: cornices with profile heads and animals


Cornice upheld by corbels with heads--left: ram's head and eagle; center: lion, ox, caryatid, floral palmette


Eagle capital, corner of main portal

Works consulted or quoted:
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