St. Trophime--page 4 (of eight pages): Front facade: Reliefs of the birth and nativity of Jesus

Note please: these images are arranged on this page as they appear on the facade from right to left. (The events depicted do not seem to be in perfect chronological order.)

The events of Mary's life and Jesus' birth are depicted in a band of narrow reliefs above the heads of the large standing saints and below the reliefs of the last judgment. They also occur as historiated corbels in a few instances.

Center: Shepherds and their flocks


Visitation of the Magi (right)

The right end corner and parts of the right panel depict pastoral scenes--mostly sheep. Toward the end of this panel, the sleeping Magi are sent a dream by the messenger angel. As one rounds the corner toward the center, the visitation of the Magi is depicted. The wonderful horses' heads remind us of their journey.

Historiated corbel with the Nativity and midwives washing the infant Jesus

Th extra-biblical event of the infant being washed is usually interpreted as a sign that Jesus had assumed human status, even though his birth was painless. Here we are also reminded of his baptism since he is in a large "font" with the dove of the Holy Spirit above him.

Historiated capital with angels--the trumeau


Historiated corbel with the Annunciation and the Dream of Joseph


Inside corner panel with the Magi before Herod and around the corner, the continued journey of the Magi

Here and below in the Massacre of the Innocents, Herod's warriors are encased in chain mail. In the scene with the Magi, we see them prominently holding their gifts aloft.

The long relief panel on the left side of the entrance depicting the Massacre of the Innocents and the Flight into Egypt

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