Tomb of Ramose, Private Tomb ("Tombs of the Nobles") at Sheikh Abd el-Qurna

18th Dynasty

If one includes the workers' tombs found at Deir el-Medina and the nobles' tombs (including nobles, priests, and high officials), then more than 400 tombs of private individuals have been discovered in the Necropolis in western Thebes. Unlike the paintings and reliefs in the royal tombs, which usually focus on traditional ritual, the art in the private tombs often depicts contemporary daily life. Here, the main theme is the funeral banquet and the mourning of Ramose.

Ramose was the governor of Thebes and vizier in the early years of Amenophis IV's reign. The tomb is unfinished, because, scholars speculate, Ramose followed his king to Amarna (once Amenophis IV became Akhenaton). The large tomb has the usual "T" plan and is decorated with both reliefs and one extensive painting (see below).

Bearers of offerings are seen in a number of the reliefs.
Ramose is shown four times offering flowers to Amenophis IV seated under a canopy with the goddess Maat (not shown)

Guests attending the funeral banquet


Scene of purification of Ramose

This, like the bas relief above, is executed with exquisite detail in a highly refined style. Colors aren't used except to accentuate the eyes of the figures.

The deceased's funeral with furniture carried to the tomb and mourning women; sarcophagus in top register


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