Selected Works from the Egyptian Museum at Cairo--page 3: New Kingdom works

Head of Queen Hatshepsut as Pharaoh
Dynasty 18, c. 1490-1470 BCE
Queen Hatshepsut as Sphinx
Dynasty 18
c. 1490-1470 BCE
Senmut and Neferure
grey granite
Dynasty 18, c. 1490-1470

In this "block statue" Senmut, a high official in Hatshepsut's court with more than 80 titles to his credit, presumably holds in his "lap" the young princess, the child of Hatshepsut and Tuthmosis II.
Left: Tuthmosis III offering Nu-jars
marble statuette
Dynasty 18, c. 1490-1439 BCE
Right: Tuthmosis IV and his Mother Ti
Dynasty 18
Amenhotep son of Hapu as an Aged Man
grey granite
Dynasty 18, reign of Amenophis III (c. 1403-1365)
The inscription explains that the subject of this work had reached age 80 when it was executed.
Colossal statue of Amenophis III and his Wife Ti
limestone (reconstructed)
Dynasty 18, c. 1403-1365
The three daughters are also represented, although the two at either side are badly damaged.

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