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early 10th century (consecrated 921); restored in 1960s

Left: the north portal; center and right: the south portal

The lintel of the south portal has a row of praying figures represented only to the waist. Below this row of figures is the figure of Vishnu on his garuda (mythical bird-man). Floral ornamentation also decorates the lintel.

The central sanctuary

The central sanctuary is the largest (almost a square of about 6 metres) while the others in alignment gradually diminish in size (to about 4.7 metres squarish at the ends). The interior of this shrine and the one at the north have relief brick decorations on the walls. See below.

The central portal

While the lintel decoration is not well-preserved, the carving in circular bands on the flanking colonettes is remarkable.

Left: Central shrine, wall decoration to the right (north wall)--Vishnu carried on the shoulders of a garuda wearing a diadem with two seated figures flanking them; center and right: Central shrine, wall decoration opposite the entrance (west wall)--an eight-armed Vishnu surrounded by tiers of worshippers


Left and center: Central shrine, wall decoration to the left (south wall)--Vishnu crossing the ocean; right: looking up to shaft of light at the tower's top

According to the legend of the Brahman dwarf who conquered the earth, here Vishnu is disguised as a dwarf. One foot rest on a pedestal while the right foot lands on a lotus flower held by his wife Lakshmi emerging from the primordial waters (the ocean is represented by 3 wavy lines). Vishnu holds on his four arms his four symbols. Gopal-uttartapani Upanishad describes the four arms of Vishnu. His lower right hand, holds the Conch, (Shankh). The upper right hand holds the discus or wheel (Chakra). The upper left hand holds the lotus. His lower left hand has the mace (Gada).

North sanctuary, west side with representations of Vishnu's consort, Lakshmi

This brick relief depicts the standing goddess holding in her four arms the four sacred objects--discus and trident on the right and elephant hook and lotus on the left. Praying figures are seated below.

North sanctuary, north side (right of the entrance): Vishnu's consort, Lakshmi

The goddess here has only two arms and is holding unidentified objects. Three figures are seated on the ground below her.

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