Banteay Kdei--page 2 (or four pages)

late 12th-early 13th century, built by Jayavarman VII

Cross-shaped terrace with naga balustrades


Naga balustrades and guardian lions


Lintel with story of Rama and Sita from The Ramayana

King Janaka had arranged for his daughter Sita's marriage on the condition that she would marry whatever brave and powerful prince who would break the Bow of Shiva.
Although this Bow of Lord Shiva was unbreakable for ordinary mortals, Rama saluted the Bow ( Shiva Himself), and prayed for strength and courage for this impossible task. His prayers were answered for in one attempt he lifted and separated the bow in two.

center: Buddhist sanctuary and right: separate building on pillars

The building with square pillars rests on a high stone base. A few sandstone lintels span the pillars, although once these pillars probably supported a full superstructure. Scholars are uncertain about the purpose of this building.

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