Baltimore Museum of Art--Sculpture Garden

Index of works:

Page One

Bill, Max. Endless Ribbon
Bourdelle, Émile-Antoine. Fruit
Burton, Scott. Rock Chair
Caro, Anthony. Sheila's Song

Page Two

Di Suvero, Mark. Sister Lu
Flanagan, Barry. Large Boxing Hare on an Anvil
Heizer, Michael. Eight-Part Circle
Kelly, Ellsworth. Untitled
King, Phillip. Sculpture 74

Page Three

Laurens, Henri. Large Bather
Litchitz, Jacques. Mother and Child II
Marcks, Gerhard. Prometheus Bound II
Marini, Marino. The Miracle
Miró, Joan. Head
Nevelson, Louise. Seventh Decade Forest
Noguchi, Isamu. Untitled

Page Four

Richier, Germaine. Tauromachy
Smith, Tony. Spitball
Wotruba, Fritz. Man Walking
Zadkine, Ossip. May 1940: The Destroyed City

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