Gordon and Virginia MacDonald Medical Research Laboratories, UCLA

Venturi, Scott Brown and Associates

This large building consolidated the research activities in a number of other buildings. The plan on all seven floors is identical (except for the entry level) with work and office spaces on the perimeter and service and mechanical operations at the center. The brick facade relates to the adjacent medical facilities as well as Romanesque buildings at the center of the campus.

The front facade from above


The grand stairway (with "triumphal arch") leading to the courtyard and the building


The front facade


Another entry from the side

This entry projects beyond the rectangle of the facade and connects the front with the side of the building. The decorative "Egyptian" columns extend along the loggia on the front.


The corner of the loggia with the over-sized column and decorative post-modern diamonds

(See also this firm's addition to the Allen Memorial Art Museum.)


The loggia, the main entrance, and a detail of the ceiling


The back of the building from above and the side (extending to the side entrance)


The side of the building and a detail of the windows

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