The Heritage

Julia Morgan

The Ladies Protection and Relief Society (founded in 1853) commissioned this retirement home for elderly women

The structure is made of reinforced concrete (a building material Morgan often used) and faced with brick. Terra cotta trim decorates the building, although it is not multi-colored. (Many of Morgan's works use colorful mat-glazed terra cotta. See, for example, the Oakland YWCA.) Morgan used a variety of historic styles, here a vaguely English style. The facade is symmetrical with decorative chimney caps and down spouts at regular intervals. The central bay has a larger dormer at the top with a decorative front-facing gable with five windows and a finial at the summit. The second register of the central bay features a three-sided overhanging porch.


The main entrance

The symmetrical facade features two large bay windows on the first floor on each side of the entrance. They also indicate main public areas in the interior.


The two ends of the building

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