Chinese YWCA (now Chinese Historical Society of America [CHSA])

Julia Morgan

The front

Located on a steep incline, this YWCA is around the corner and down the hill from Morgan's Residence, a women's hotel built a few years earlier. This recreation building has a large gymnasium at one end (far left) and a courtyard behind the main entrance.


The main entrance

The two entrance towers and a third across the courtyard, the "crenellation (with special tiles imported from China)" (Boutelle 118), and other Chinese motifs bring this building into harmony with its environment in Chinatown.


Details of the main entrance


The gymnasium wall and the wall looking into the courtyard


The two entrance towers from the rear (with the gymnasium to the right) and the tower on the opposite side of the courtyard

Work Cited: Boutelle, Sara Holmes. Julia Morgan Architect. Revised and updated edition. New York: Abbeville Press, 1995.

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