Note: The list below was originally published in the Instructor's Guide to the third edition of The Basic Practice of Statistics (BPS) by David Moore. In addition, I occasionally add new resources to this; they are given at the bottom of this page.

The Worldwide Web has made great amounts of information—of varying degrees of usefulness—easily available. Here are some worthwhile sites with resources for use in conjunction with BPS. Some of these sites have links to other interesting locations. The fluid nature of the Internet means that addresses may change, and other resources show up from time to time; Web searches for phrases such as "statistics tutor" or "statistics applets" will almost certainly yield some useful results.

First, some general collections:

It is useful for students to visit "real statistics" sites to get a glimpse of the richness of the subject:

Applets deserve separate mention. You can find a large number of attractive interactive animated simulations that demonstrate important facts about probability and statistics. We recommend these for class demonstrations as well as for student work, particularly if you are not using software in your course. Most are at university locations, and their URLs change often.

Additional resources (not included in the BPS instructor's guide):